The rituals of a Catholic burial.

Catholic funerals are a solemn celebration of faith that helps mourners keep their attention on Christ’s resurrection at the end of time. To give your loved ones the perfect send-off, check out the best catholic funeral services in Singapore. Here, we will talk about some of the Catholic rituals that you should know about.

Reception of the body

The Reception of the Body is a prayer ceremony held the evening before the funeral, when the coffin is brought into the church. Religiously observant Catholic families, regardless of whether or not such a ceremony is typical in their culture, would do well to attend.

The Reception of the Body allows the family to see the coffin for the first time and spend time alone with their loved one before the funeral. They benefit from this since it helps them get ready for the next day.

Funeral service in the church

Funeral Mass attendance is highly recommended for practising Catholics to obtain Holy Communion. It is recommended that the funeral Mass be held at the dead’s home parish if the deceased was a practising Catholic. In many places, the weekly Mass will also be the location of the funeral celebration for the parish.

Church fellowship

If the casket was not permitted inside the church the night before, the priest will greet the mourners as they arrive and bless the coffin with holy water. Next, he ushers the casket into the church. Family and close friends are welcome to carry the casket.

A white cloth called a pall may be put over the casket at the altar by other family members. The coffin can also be adorned with a cross and/or Bible. Mass cards and an image of the deceased can be displayed on a table next to the casket.

Catholic Funeral Memorial Service Readings

Each psalm and biblical reading in the service has a specific purpose. These may be read by the author’s close friends and family. The priest reads from the Gospel. He then delivers a homily in which he expounds on the meaning of the Bible. It’s also possible that he’ll bring up the dead. Family and friends can read written prayers of condolences to the departed.

Final Commendation

Prayers of appreciation and comfort are said at a funeral. The casket is then anointed with holy water and blessed by the priest. As a touching farewell, a hymn is sung.